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it’s the second coming of the second son


We are staring into the face of another Bush administration, and in its shadows, poised for resurrection, lurk the familiar architects of the Iraq war and an entire decade of political incompetence.

Of the 21 foreign policy advisors hired by Presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush, 19 served under his brother including former deputy secretary of defense, head of the World Bank and all around super villain, Paul Wolfowitz. In 2003 Wolfowitz, along with Donald Rumsfeld and a slew of the Republican Party’s extreme right neo-conservatives successfully ushered in the invasion of Iraq on little more than a hunch at best. Wolfowitz projected the invasion would be over as quickly as it had begun, leaving in its place a cascade of democracy throughout the Middle East and American troops welcomed with open arms.

“The Iraqi people understand what this crisis is about. Like the people of France in the 1940s, they view us as their hoped-for liberator,” mused Wolfowitz in 2003 drumming up support for the invasion. “Some of the higher end predictions that we have been hearing recently, such as the notion that it will take several hundred thousand U.S. troops to provide stability in post-Saddam Iraq are wildly off the mark.”

One million Iraqi casualties and roughly $2 trillion dollars later the only thing “wildly off the mark” after little more than a decade are Wolfowitz’s projections. He was right about one thing … it didn’t take several hundred thousand troops. In the end, the number was around 2.5 million with 4500 military casualties — 65 if you include Afghanistan.

Jeb Bush has essentially rolled out a red carpet for the return of the neo-con living dead. Along with the Wolf of the White House, Bush’s staff sees the return of Dick Cheney’s right hand, former National Security Advisor John Hanna — who alongside Stephen Hadley manufactured the W.M.D motive for the invasion of Iraq. Also drafted for Bush’s staff Hadley was responsible for forcing the erroneous affirmation of Saddam Hussein’s purchase of chemical weapons into the 2003 State of the Union Address. Then there’s Michael Hayden who openly and intentionally deceived congress about allegations of torture and warrantless wiretaps. Porter Goss, the former CIA director and waterboarding advocate, who approved destruction of video footage depicting the brutal interrogation tactic in 2005.

Along with Goss and the returning cast of operation enduring freedom, Jeb Bush himself sat on the board of neoconservative think-tank, The Project for a New American Century, which openly advocated U.S. military domination throughout the globe. PNAC board members, including Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, all sat at the highest levels of George W. Bush’s administration giving the neocons, who were previously just a lobbying faction of the Republican Party, their long awaited day in the sun—and we all know how that turned out.

What’s most frightening about the second coming of the second son is not only the notion of another Bush in the White House—which in itself should strike fear in the hearts of most rational people­—but Jeb, like his brother before him, is merely a puppet for the return of a catastrophic and cruel administration.

— Mike Hodder[cherry_banner image=”4624″ title=”Adbusters #120″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]Manifesto for World Revolution, Part 3[/cherry_banner]