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Would you believe me if I said the world is ending?


would you believe me

if i said the world is ending

and we are all hurling

headlong into cosmic cataclysmic conflict

explosions like the surface of the sun?

would you laugh

if i looked you in the eye

told you that i loved you plain

kissed your confounded cheek a last goodbye?

would you scoff

if i invoked the prophets

scroll-bound words mysterious of long ago,

Daniel’s dreams, John’s visions, Isaiah’s anger,

ages of melted iron, broken brass, crumbling clay,

and at last, the last nation to fall?

would you think me a lunatic,

a fool howling at the moon, a maniac on the manic streets,

unsayer of unsooths, unshaven meth-laced face crying only insanities,

deluded profanities,

no credence finding in calls of baptism and clear water revival?

would you pity me

my delusions,

counter tongue with a higher sanity and all the signs of ordinary:

blue skies, subways on time, shopping bags red,

open for business and all the grande mochaccinos?

Dear Friend, Please conclude:

i am lucid, my eyes are clear blue

the world is ending

and it is nearly time

to say goodbye to you.

–Andrew Tuplin