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Too many laws, physical, manmade, karmic, have been broken.


Too many laws — physical, manmade, karmic — have been broken,

too many crimes committed against both nature and humanity, too much suffering rained down on too many innocents, just so that a blind—headed brain—addled few can get their fancies tickled.

There will be — there must be — recompense. Not for the sake of revenge, or righteous wrath, but simply because that is the way of things: to seek and maintain balance.

And know this: the balance will be restored, one way or another. We may still have some choice as to how… but I see no reason to expect our present systems, shortsighted and dysfunctional and corrupt as they are, to make the right decisions to prevent disaster.

And so, in the course of that restoration, there will be some awesome hell to pay.

But on the other side of that time of fire and grief, I see seeds germinating, seeds that are being planted now as they have been for the past generation. They are seeds of knowledge waiting to be rediscovered and new values waiting to be realized. They are like the seeds in pine cones that only open when exposed to great heat and then take root in the ashes.

We will come through this, and we will come through wounded, but we will come through wiser. There will be lessons seared into our collective consciousness, I hope and believe that they will be remembered and honored for generations to come. The notions of disconnection and separateness, of dominion and domination, will seem as absurd as the belief in a flat Earth in a geocentric universe does today.

— Skip Mendler, Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA[cherry_banner image=”6312″ title=”Adbusters #119″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]Manifesto for World Revolution, Part 2[/cherry_banner]