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What would it take for you to take the plunge and get out into the streets?adbusters_93_revolt2_0

revolt, if it is to be successful, must come from the mind; a growing unease and dissatisfaction with things as they are. Revolt may be leaderless, but it cannot be idea-less. Revolt, if one examines the idea, is not a new or unusual thing, merely a reversal of direction. We do it often, sometimes silently, sometimes angrily, but we do it. A choice is seen in greater clarity than before and we merely accept the path which gives us greater benefits, even if it is different from one we chose before. So revolt, to be successful, must present with greater clarity and force of argument the reasons for taking an alternative path to that one now in use, must convince that what one has now is insignificant compared to what one could have, and must present the methods by which this change could be made. It could be said that any society has vested interests in the status quo which could not be unseated by argument. I disagree. For any revolution to succeed, even those interests must be shown to gain, or to lose less by cooperation than they would otherwise. I, as a Progressive Anarchist, want the complete overthrow of present societies, but not now, not immediately, not violently, but gradually and peacefully as ideas gradually seep through one’s mind. The intention of this revolutionary is to assault your mind and destroy your beliefs.

—Lawrence Morley

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