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I bumped into myself just the other day …


I bumped into myself just the other day,
I said ‘Hey! Remember me? Let’s hook up, let’s play!’
Let’s get down and dirty, like we did before we grew up, turned thirty…

You looked at me blank-faced,
‘Don’t you recognize me?’ I said, ‘We used to be mates…?’
Have you got so busy that you can’t return my call?
Have you moved up in the world, forgot you knew me at all?

We used to just sit in the garden together,
Dig in the sandpit, look for snails or a feather.
Breathe in the stillness, enjoy the passing of time,
Notice the details, the hidden sublime.

‘I’m still here waiting’ I said, ‘I won’t hold a grudge,
You can tell me everything, I promise, I won’t gossip or judge.’
Let’s pick up where we left off, our big plans and grand ideas.
No limits or expectations, no hesitation, no fears.

Remember teenage abandon – when life was a dare?
When you raged at the ocean and played in the moonlight,
Built campfires and castles and fought the good fight.

I hate to insult you, but you’re not getting younger,
Surely you can’t have forgotten the things that piqued at your hunger?
Would you take me seriously if I dressed up in black?
Carried a scepter and jumped on your back?

— Katie Little is a writer, creator and free-thinker.

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