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Yesterday after work I lay in the dark.


I woke up today.

I felt nauseated as usual.

I took a shower and thought

Something horrible is going to happen.

My mind doesn’t do that usually.

But I don’t feel things are correctable.

I don’t see democracy working.

I don’t see capitalism working.

I don’t see our culture working.

I see the infighting and culture wars.

I see continual fights on social issues.

I see no hope for the unemployed.

I see no hope for the middle class.

I see pedophiles and drug addicts.

I see car bombings and terrorist attacks.

I see spree killings.

I see reality TV eating our souls.

I see friends and families giving up.

Giving up on their dreams.

Not remembering when they had any.

I feel like I’m in a movie.

Yesterday after work I lay in the dark.

I thought about my family.

I thought about all the illnesses we have.

I thought about the dreams for our children.

I thought about the world they will inherit.

I thought about the cost of their educations.

I thought about the toxins in the water.

I thought about the crime on the streets.

I watched a show about the drug trade.

I thought about America’s addictions.

I thought about America’s depression and anxiety.