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The West vs. Political Islam.


The mainstream narrative is that we’re winning the War on Terror. We’re the good guys. We can do no wrong. Even if we transgress all laws and ethics to snuff out the bad guys, we are still doing no wrong. In fact, we are heroes, bringing freedom and democracy to the unredeemed corners of the Earth.

But some of us are starting to feel that there’s something missing from this dominant narrative … that there’s a blind spot we can’t see; that something is fundamentally wrong with the top-down NSA, CIA and FBI approach. Read on for insights on this geopolitical tension … and a premonition of a future we should all be kept abreast of.

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The American military intelligence complex operates using a strict, top-down pyramid structure. Hierarchy, order and discipline are essential to the system. Employees are assimilated into highly regimented bureaucracies. Meticulous records are kept of all interactions. Things get done with rigorous rules 
and an unyielding chain of command.

Islam as a political ideology is more rhizomatic … energy flows from the bottom up. Deals are done face to face. Relationships are personal. Orders flow laterally. For example, in Syria, jihadists from all over the world congregate, each with their own ideas and distinct agendas, while maintaining a common goal.

In the wild hubris of future wars and conflicts, one has to wonder if the rhizomatic way of doing things may not have an edge over the Western rationalist approach. In the longue durée of human history, could the rhizome be the tortoise and the pyramid—the hare?