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We will create a subjective figure, one who seeks to go beyond the domination of globalized capital without falling into nihilism. And in order for this to take place, peculiar alliances must be forged; we must think on another scale. Intellectuals, and different segments of youth, must become organically linked by experiments at first local, and then wider. What matters is that youths and intellectuals of every provenance make a gesture, carve out a path, and take a step.

There is an urgency here, but it is a strategic urgency.

It is a task, a task for us all. It is a work of thought, but it is also the work, the path, of going to see who is this other of whom you speak, who they really are, to gather their thoughts, their ideas, their vision of things; and for you to inscribe them—them, and you yourself at the same time—within a strategic vision of the destiny of humanity that will try to change the direction of our history and away from the opaque misfortune in which humanity has sunk.

But time is running out. Time is running out…

  Alain Badiou, Our Wound Is Not So Recent