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A strategic insight.


We’ve fouled up our planetary nest and now we’re saying, fuck it! I don’t feel like cleaning up this mess. Let the oceans rise, the fish vanish, the glaciers melt . . . I’m plunging into virtual reality where everything is just fine and rather exciting . . . hot new shit happening everyday!

But there’s a price to pay. You feel stressed and anxious a lot of the time, your moods sink and soar without warning and you wake up feeling lousy almost every day. And all the while you find yourself becoming more detached, less empathetic, emptied of joy and unable to decide upon anything . . . one way or another.

If a huge chunk of humanity suffers from mood disorders and constantly feels sad 
. . . if a substantial percentage of us lose our collective zest and crispness of mind – then how will we ever be able to deal with climate change, collapsing ecosystems and all of the other social, political, military and financial crises looming on the horizon?

Strategic Insight: Psycho collapse is a much more serious threat to our long term survival than eco collapse . . . Without clarity of mind, nothing we do will ever work out.

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