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How do we stop this journey toward extinction?


If you could pull back, zoom out and examine the passing of the eras, the transition from ancient ways of doing things to the enlightenment, from the modernist era to the postmodernist facsimile and now this contemporary era that we’ve not been quite able to name yet, then what you would see is a march of individuality, selfhood and entitlement, an ever expanding human footprint and how we have all bought right into this idea of historical progress.

Today our march of progress has hit the wall. We’re discovering that it has led to climate change, melting ice caps, dying oceans and wholesale ecosystem collapse, to say nothing of the spiritual despair that comes with the death of nature. Once we realize that our trajectory has collapsed in upon itself in the most spectacular way, then the question arises, is there a way of rolling it back? How do we stop this march to extinction?

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