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The epidemic of the west.



Formerly known as cognitive compartmentalization syndrome, Obsessive Rationality Disorder (ORD) is a condition wherein emotion and feeling become detached from cognitive processes and social interactions. Sufferers are driven by progressively irresistible impulses toward exactitude, order and logic. Daily tasks and household chores are inspected and refined. Efficiency in all aspects of life becomes an obsession. Originally thought to be a condition unique to the West, mass social manifestations can now be located throughout the world.


In early stages, ORD manifests itself in the desire to suppress existential uncertainty with scientific and mathematical exactitude. Fascination, mystery and the unknown are repressed – first consciously – and then unconsciously.

Over the course of the affliction, the coping dimension of the disease transforms from extreme discomfort to mild pleasure, making withdrawal painful and neurologically degenerative. Those with advanced symptoms often seek out positions of power and influence. Empathetic and altruistic pleasure centers of the brain shutdown.

In economic and political circles, unhealthy and destructive fixations with profit margins, scientific certainty and mathematical proofs substitute intuitive, ethical and moral considerations. At this stage, detachment from the natural and experiential world is complete and successful treatment outcomes are rare. If not for the pervasiveness of acute-stage ORD, mass institutionalization would be the recommended treatment. Rapture is the only known cure.[cherry_banner image=”5573″ title=”Adbusters #109″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]Endless Summer[/cherry_banner]