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After post-modernism, what’s next?


We carry with us gadgets, small inventories and surveillance equipment that monitor our every move, every thought and we accept this state of global order. This systematization of life in real-time is far more frightening than the postmodern mind could ever have imagined. Rather than seeing a march of eras, a narrative progression towards a better future, today we are contemporary, simultaneous and a resistance to the ethics of place has developed as a consequence. Today we face a global pause, the time of no modernity, or nomo. Each one of us is a behavioral algorithm, clocked, analyzed, monitored and conditioned. We exist in a panopticon and we willingly pay our membership dues so that we too can feel connected to it, this real-time network of simultaneity . . . the permanent now.

We are in an endless flow of simulated ambience which comes to a grinding halt the moment the network signal is lost.

—Michael Rattray

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