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Updates to the DSM-V.


Instead of falling in love with his own image in a pond, today’s narcissist gazes adoringly at his own Facebook page.

A pathological condition affecting a growing portion of the global population, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is rooted in a distorted idea of the self. Questions of power, prestige, personal adequacy and vanity are at the forefront of the afflicted mind.

Sufferers believe they can achieve a type of temporal immortality through commercial and social forms. Products associated with sex and power are pursued obsessively. Images of prestige and style are given paramount focus.

A positive self-image based on elite ideals of social status is cultivated at all costs. Relationships are valued on their utility alone. And all social connections are subject to a basic mathematics of how they can advance the cult of personal ego.

Attempts at intervention are quickly incorporated into the broader delusion of importance. Late stage NPD victims experience a total detachment from empathy. At this point they become a danger to others.[cherry_banner image=”5573″ title=”Adbusters #109″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]Endless Summer[/cherry_banner]