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Hey Adbusters,

I struggle almost daily with the state of our species. Of course this is nothing new but it is singular to me and my existence on this rock. I often wonder, is it just me who carries this darkness inside and is so fucking fed up and pissed off with the human race… all that we have failed to do for another? I remind myself that I am not alone in this darkness—every time I receive my current issue of Adbusters I read these amazingly open and honest letters and articles that remind me there are many who struggle to be free, to be happy and to find peace. The power structure that has evolved through centuries and now is personified by the capitalist/corporate/authoritarian ignorant elite is truly horrid and abysmal. They have managed, in what really is a short period of time, to brainwash the masses via advertising, media, propaganda and the educational system etc. into forgetting ourselves.

I admit that I struggle with my own part in this tragic play: I have a great job that pays very well, I work in an industry that, although is known as “recycling,” is just as capitalistic and corporate as Nike. Everyday feels like the movie Groundhog Day—rinse and repeat. I SCREAM inside at myself to break the cycle—to wake up and tell everyone at the office, “Fuck it I’m done with this shit.”—I SCREAM inside at myself to do something! I’m so fucking tired. I look at my 21 year old punk/anti-establishment son and have hope but I look at the Machine and I am in awe of its control and power. I will continue on with my daily struggles, as we all do, and hope that I can become a braver and fiercer version of myself.

Thanks to all the passionate and aware readers of Adbusters and the crew that puts it all together.

— Jeff Todd, Victoria, B.C.

Adbusters #131

Planetary Endgame