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A letter by Tim Hildebrandt


From the left I hear nothing but fear and panic regarding the health and future of democracy in this country.

We are losing the fight. Look at the success of the right wing. They have ruined education in this country to the point that well over half the population believes in angels and Satan, eagerly voting for whoever the TV tells them to. The corporate state has long ago taken control of government, dismantled all regulation to protect the environment, our food supply, water, health and everything else.The Republicans have voted to allow energy giants to eviscerate our land and to claw out every drop of oil, gas and coal and pump it into the atmosphere. Science is denied, the gun lobby allows more people to carry guns and kill each other than ever before, women’s rights are being rolled back to the stone age, and the list goes on. If this is what it looks like for a species to go extinct then I am convinced. Just ask Alito, Roberts and Scalia what they think our chances are. Ask the bankers, ask Wall Street and the energy companies, they will all lead a chorus of lies and denial that boggles the mind. Their ignorance and blind belief in bogus ideology is what steers the ship of state. And we progressives practice our own brand of denial and ignore the inevitable endgame. We are losing the fight.

— Tim Hildebrandt Zionsville, USA

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