Join us

We need to narrow our focus and shrink our world.


we stop buying our music from corporate-owned stores, our food from supermarkets and our clothing from malls. We become bottom-feeders, always foraging at the lowest levels of consumption. In every purchase we make, we obsessively search for the wisest, most enlightened deals. And when we find them, we share that knowledge with our friends. We punish the big, the super and the mega. We reward the small, the slow, the local, the personal.

Size is our enemy.

And once we have shrunk our world, narrowed our focus and imposed some much needed discipline of self, we start networking with other activists to launch coordinated global attacks. A million people a day drinking indie coffee instead of Starbucks. Another million boycotting Exxon Mobil. And thousands more every day choosing indie sneakers over Nike.

In this way we become true cultural creatives … playful resistors …catalysts for change. We become dispensers of bottom-up cool. A growing mass of people driving the evolution of capitalism, transforming it into a healthier, more just, more grassroots affair.

In this Year of the Ox, let’s turn megacorporate capitalism on its head.