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How will the 43rd President of the United States be remembered? Chances are, as the Torture President.

For a span of 225 years after George Washington so eloquently and publicly opposed the practice of torture, the United States maintained a standard of human rights that protected even the most hated of her enemies. But in his attempt to wage war on terror, the 43rd President of the United States, George Walker Bush, subverted the constitution and denied the writ of habeas corpus to government prisoners. President Bush vetoed a bill that sought to establish a single standard of integration for US forces. He supported the practice of waterboarding as a means of extracting information from suspected terrorists. And despite the effort of human rights groups around the world, President Bush, in an attempt to circumvent the Geneva Convention, refused to characterize this practice of simulated drowning as torture. Bush may well go down in history as the torture president.

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