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To keep useless old farts in a cage.adbusters_95_grandma

How did she end up like this
Encased within walls reeking of urine
No one in the family was able
To take her in although they all insist
They would have if they could have
But they couldn’t

So as a result of their excuses
Grandma’s got to suffer some abuses
Deemed necessary by the professional staff
We certainly hope they won’t laugh
As she sits and waits all alone
In the nursing home

Why couldn’t Uncle Pally
Or possibly Aunt Sally
Or even her own kids
Have taken her in
And medicated her with gin
Until she died

Declaring her incompetent
Wasn’t such a bad move
As it protected the economic sanctity still
Of poor dead grandpa’s will
And when she became incontinent
She had to move

Here in the United States
We don’t treat our old so great
When they can’t keep their food on their plates
We pack them up and crate
Them off to the nursing home
With all those other old folks they shouldn’t be alone

It’s all the rage
To keep useless old farts
In a cage
Turning the page
On their lives
Without their knowing it

Out of sight
Out of mind
That’s just fine
What are we supposed to do
Act like fools watching her drool
Putting our lives on hold because of her

Around comes Christmas day
So lets throw her a bone
And go for a short visit we may
Just so we can say
As our conversation dulls to a drone
We went to see grandma in the nursing home

As we prepare to leave
We hope she won’t heave
Her lunch up on our shoes
As the car pulls away nobody wants to say
That until she finally goes away
Grandma’s all alone in the nursing home

Grandma’s All Alone in the Nursing Home
by John C. Krieg
Published in Fading America: A Chapbook of Despair

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