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US weapons sales are on the rise.


The Obama administration has broken records in its weapons sales to the middle east.

64 billion dollars worth of weaponry has been sold to US Allies in the Middle East, a result of significantly weakened arms export controls. Saudi Arabia, now the fourth largest military budget on the planet, spent an unrivaled 80 billion dollars last year, including 2 billion dollars worth of US helicopters. Lebanon has spent 500 million dollars. The UAE is set to buy 200 billion dollars of drone technology in addition to 130 million dollars in munitions. Kuwait is expected to spend 3 billion dollars. The US and Israel are currently in talks for a multi-billion dollar compensation package in exchange for Israel’s acceptance of the Iran nuclear deal. These weapons are in-use from Yemen to Bahrain, to Libya, and those at the forefront of arms control policy find it difficult to conceive of the US de-escalating the region. Many are beginning to ask if de-escalation is even on the agenda and whether Obama actually wants it this way.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, called on the world’s eight States with nuclear weapons to disarm in response to Iran’s pledge to develop its nuclear programme with clear curbs that guarantee non-proliferation. He also called on Israel to not only admit to their nuclear arsenal, but to join in on the pledge of non-proliferation and total disarmament. “The cold war-era asymmetry between States that possess nuclear weapons and those that don’t is no longer tolerable,” the minister wrote.

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