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Hey all you meme warriors and revolutionaries out there,

For two centuries, capitalism has acted like a dangerous psychotic in the throes of a permanent episode: chronic manic swings between booms and depressive busts; a sociopathic disregard for the suffering of billions; ecocidal attacks on the living world; an inability to accept responsibility for causing massive species die-offs and threatening our collective existence.

Now, finally, capitalism is teetering into terminal crisis and it is up to us to give life to what comes next.

Here are a few projects we could start on right away:

  • We pressure the G20 leaders to implement a 1% “Robin Hood” tax on all financial transactions and currency trades
  • We ignite a meme war on campus and pull off a paradigm shift in the science of economics
  • We occupy the streets in growing numbers until our leaders ratify a binding international accord on climate change
  • We launch the True Cost metameme and start moving towards an across-the-board global market regime in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth
  • We marry gaming with activism and have millions of young people around the world playing KILLCAP

Do we have the spark within us to create a new world?

Join us!

Culture Jammers HQ

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