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What will it take for you to head North, put your ass on the line and take a stand?adbusters_113_holdthewall_S

I get a lot of email notifications, but this one was different. It was from the Yinka Dene Alliance of First Nations. They’ve vowed to stop the bitumen pipelines from ever coming through their traditional territories. Then it hit me.

Without their consent, those pipelines – and all of that oil in the tar sands – can never make it to the sea. That makes this battle, the one they need us to join, the battle of our life time.

They’re building a network of people who they’re asking, when the time comes, to help them hold the wall.

If the tar sands really mean “game over” for the planet as climate scientists suggest, then the future of the whole world is hedged on whether or not we can win this one very important battle—one that takes on not only fossil fuel giants, but the underlying growth-at-all-costs paradigm.

So, what will it take for you to head North with your family, put your ass on the line and take a stand?