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Many of the brothers here are losing their minds.


My diet times were deliberately messed up.

I was starved for long periods and then given food but not given time to eat. “You have three minutes: Eat!” a guard would yell at me, and then after about half a minute he would grab the plate. “You’re done!” And then it was the opposite extreme; I was given too much food and a guard would come into my cell and forced me to eat all of it. When I said “I need water” because the food got stuck in my throat, he punished me by making me drink two 25-ounce water bottles.

“I can’t drink,” I said when my abdomen felt as if it was going to explode. But xxxxxxx screamed and threatened me, pushing me against the wall and raising his hand to hit me. I figured drinking would be better, and drank until I vomited. All the guards were masked with Halloween-like masks, and so were the Medics.

…today we’re gonna teach you about great American sex.

“Get up!” said xxxxxx. I stood up in the same painful position as I had every day for about seventy days. I would rather follow the orders and reduce the pain that would be caused when the guards come to play; the guards used every opportunity to beat the hell out of the dentainee. “Detainee tried to resist,” was the “Gospel truth” they came up with, and guess who was going to be believed? “You’re very smart, because it you don’t stand up it’s gonna be ugly,” xxxxxxxx.

As soon as I stood up, the two xxxxxx took off their blouses, and started to talk all dirty stuff you can imagine, which I minded less. What hurt me most was them forcing me to take part in sexual threesome in the most degrading manner. What many xxxxx don’t realize is that men get hurt the same as women if they’re forced to have sex, maybe even more due to the traditional position of the man. Both xxxxx stuck on my back rubbing xxxx whole body on mine. At the same time they were talking dirty to me, and playing with my sexual parts.

Many of the brothers here are losing their minds,

especially the younger detainees, like xxxxx because of the conditions of detention. As I write these words, many brothers are hunger-striking and are determined to carry on, “no matter what.” I am very worried about these brothers I am helplessly watching, who are practically dying and who are sure to suffer irrepairable damage even if they eventually decide to eat.

— From Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi

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