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In Lebanon, the trash has been piling up for decades

– not just in the streets but in the corridors of power. Economic waste and political refuse. Electoral garbage and rubbish of infrastructure. No president. No elections in sight. Inconsistent water and electricity. Walled-off beachfronts and sporadic paychecks. Then came the trash. Choking the streets. Clogging the alleys. Filling the mountainsides and riverbeds, coursing through the streets in rain-drenched waves while the deadlocked power elite of the Salam government pointed fingers, shrugged shoulders and sat on their hands. And now that pile-up of trash has triggered a landslide; thousands, tens of thousands of people determined to get the stink off of a corrupt system, to clear the dirt from an ineffective sectarian government that has been failing them for decades. Youth and adults from across the political spectrum airing their grievances on the Web and in the streets. On Twitter and in Martyr Square. Demanding change. Demanding deliverance from skyrocketing rates of Pestis and Cholera. Demanding new landfills, new waste-disposal contracts, new power stations, a new Environment Minister, a new government. Trash breeding dissent. Dissent breeding protest. Protest breeding occupation. Occupation breeding calls for a new regime.

In Lebanon, protest has become a way of life. A way of getting power restored. A way of getting paychecks delivered. This is different. This is a protest unlike anything seen in the past forty years, a grassroots movement born in the streets and trucked to the front doors of parliament. This is a way of putting the boots to a political system that bickers away years while its people go without even the most basic amenities. And Salam and his cohort have no choice but to open their nostrils and take it in. Not just the Sunnis. Not just the Shia. Not just the Catholics or the Eastern Orthodox. The entire political class. It’s an anger that excludes no one. And it’s not going away. In Lebanon, the stench has become overwhelming. And the people have decided it’s time to clean house.

– Jesse Donaldson

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