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The Most Omniscient People in the World?

Central bankers are the (heroic) back-end programmers of the capitalist algorithm. We are all enthralled by their fiscal machinations. When they raise interest rates we say ooohhh . . . when they engage in quantitative easing we cry aaahhh. We don’t quite understand what in the hell they are up to, yet we feel that without their steady hand guiding the economic rudder things could really fall apart.

But as seas rise and heat waves multiply, it’s time we take a deeper look at what these incredibly powerful people do. Their world is all about liquidity, money supplies, derivatives, credit default swaps, currency exchange rates and the trillions of dollars that move through the international financial system every day. The flaw in their thinking — what they consistently fail to grasp — is that their money economy is actually just a subset of the larger bioeconomy of the planet. If you told them that climate change is the biggest market failure the world has ever known, they would not have the slightest idea what you were talking about. Exclusively focused on money flows, they fail to see the bigger picture. It has never occurred to these money-obsessed logic freaks secretly operating in the shadows that they are running a doomsday machine.

— Kalle Lasn

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