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Love poses a threat to our political system. It is difficult to convince a person who has a lot to live for in their personal relationships to be willing to fight and die for an abstraction such as the State; for that matter, it might even be difficult to convince that person to pay taxes. It poses a threat to cultures of all kinds, for when human beings are given wisdom and valor by true love they will not be held back by traditions or customs that are irrelevant. Love poses a threat to society itself. Passionate love is ignored and feared by the ruling class, for it poses a great danger to the stability and pretense that they covet.

Love permits no lies, no falsehoods, not even any polite half-truths, but lays all emotions bare and reveals secrets. You cannot lie with your emotional and sexual response; situations or ideas will excite or repel you whether you like it or not. One cannot be a lover and a responsible, respectable member of today’s society at the same time. Love will impel you to do things that are not “responsible” or “respectable.” True love is irresponsible, irrepressible, rebellious, scornful of cowardice, dangerous for the lover and everyone around them, for it serves neither god nor master.

— CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective, “Join the Resistance, Fall in Love!”

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