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Will philosophy still matter after the crash?


This is #7 of a series of diary entries that have arrived in our lap from beyond the horizon of now. The journey begins on July 3, 2020 and continues on March 6, 2020,January 1, 2021, July 9, 2022, January 3 2023 and February 2023.

March 4, 2023

Rumi, Hafiz, Camus, Nietzsche … they were the real deal. They were grounded … they stared at the void and laughed … danced in the field beyond good and evil … these badass free spirits are my only solace now.

Foucault … too dense. His theories on power made sense at the time … but we all know Discipline and Punish was really just a projection of his obsession with S&M.

Baudrillard … too obtuse.

Lacan … pure bullshit.

Derrida … no longer relevant.

Wittgenstein somehow still works for me, especially the stuff about death and eternity in the Tractatus.

Descartes … too Christian.

Logical positivism … a sad joke.

Heidegger was definitely on to something when he lived alone there in his hut … too bad he was a Nazi.

Through all these dead white guys, you can trace a line … the abstraction of mind from flesh, of being from earth, of humanity from its soul. These were the types of philosophers Nietzsche mocked … those who “waged war” on life.

Truly … Friedrich was right when he said …“’for as long as men have existed … man has enjoyed himself too little: that alone, my brothers, is our original sin!’ Thus Spoke Zarathustra.”