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2021 – Year of the Ox.adbusters_111_2021_S

This is #3 of a series of diary entries that have arrived in our lap from beyond the horizon of now. The journey begins on July 3, 2020 and continues on March 6, 2020.

January 1, 2021

This year has a darkness about it . . . a deep mental funk has set in. This experiment of ours on planet Earth has finally reach some king of apogee. The dream of never ending progress, of successive generations always being better off, of technology and innovation somehow keeping the ball rolling forever, is finito!

The God of Growth is dead and now all the norms, axioms and taboos of the old world must be conjured up anew. The great unraveling is upon is.

January 3

The whole world has become a panopticon . . .  all eight billion of us have been recruited into the all seeing capitalist algorithm. There’s nowhere left to hide.

Jan 14

Anxiety, mood disorders, depression . . . mental illness has now grown into a bigger pandemic than alzheimer’s and dementia. Japanese government is encouraging people with terminal diseases to choose suicide.

February 1

A mad dash to stop the slide . . . flash trading banned, 24 hour rule on stock trades passed, 3% Robin Hood Tax adopted, billions now flowing into newly energized UN. And maybe the True-Cost Party of America will win in 2024! Here’s hoping.

September 17

Hundreds of thousands descended on Washington and stormed Capitol Hill this morning. Wall Street is going cookoo. A worthy 10th anniversary of Occupy.

30 September

Beijing is unilaterally shooting millions of tons of particulate sulphur into the atmosphere, turning the horizon grey, cooling the Earth. Howls of anger from the usual suspects, but many others are thanking China for finally breaking the Gordian knot.

Oct 22

Biggest tweet of all time . . . Indian philosopher Ramjit Singh electrifies the world with the slogan: There Will Be One World Or No World.

November 13

Religious cults popping up everywhere . . . dozens of charismatic characters around the world claim to be the new messiah . . . philosopher John Woo warns of a spiritual tipping point.

December 24

Pakistan preemptively nuked India today . . . the whole world is holding its breath.