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The #One-All Meme.adbusters_111_doomdiary13B_S

This is #13 of a series of diary entries that have arrived in our lap from beyond the horizon of now. The journey begins on July 3, 2020 and continues on March 6, 2020,January 1, 2021, July 9, 2022, January 3, 2023, February 2023, March 4, 2023, March 19, 2023, April 20, 2030, June 15, 2030, August 20, 2032 and May 2, 2041 … continuing all the way to the year 2047.

July 15, 2047

Everyone’s talking about this throwback Communist/Confucian-inspired #OneAll meme coming out of China … even Lil who rarely gets chatty about politics is all excited.

The idea is that the four + billion of us left should adopt a new principle to live by – not based on individual rights but on individual responsibility – that no one should have a footprint greater than another.

So in this new world, you can still aspire to greatness, accumulate a widely admired persona … you can get all the acoolades, have a billion followers, be a cultural icon, even a world leader if that’s your destiny … but you canntot consume more than anyone else.

Your planetary impact cannot exceed that of a single other.

The pre-crash dinosaurs hate this idea … but it’s gone viral in a big way, becoming one of the founding principles of our bio-region … maybe it will inspire a whole new global order!

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