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Stay active and I’ll see you when the SHTF and revolution pops-off.


Dear Sick Freedom Fighters,

I know what you are feeling: alone.

I know what you are thinking: suicide.

I know how much it costs to get dental care: more than a mortgage payment. I know that you are like me, wanting to burn McDonalds to the ground… wanting to destroy all the mortgage loan files in the bankster’s offices.


I lost all of my teeth in my not-so-blissfully-ignorant youth to the soda companies, which had me addicted to the carbonated slop. I know what it is like to suffer tremendously and watch the world move on as if your life is an inconvenience. Where are the Highly Evolved Life Partners (HELPers)? They are shirking social responsibilities for the almighty dollar; that dollar which will get them sent to hell in the end. That dollar which is propped up by petrol sales and war for oil.

No matter how hard we try…

No matter how hard we toil…

The world boils down…

…to blood and to oil!

Comrades in arms, I know you can’t stand the TV tell-lie-vision brainwashington “programming” and I know exactly why. TV is intellectual sloth and idolatry. We don’t need idols, least of all idols that sell us illuminati hip-hop about being rich and standing on the backs of the bruised. As Irvin Baxter of Endtime Ministries says, Capitalism is the third horseman of the apocalypse and the New World Order is Christ’s enemy as well. So, why is everyone suddenly radical just for being atheist or buddhist? Let us not forget that Jesus Christ stood up to the Roman empire and died as a result (how f#$%ing rad is that?) and in the end, Jesus made a complete mockery of the governing empire of His day.

Now is the time to awaken to the conspiracy of the reviving Roman Empire, because they are in bed with the New World Order.

Stay active and I’ll see you when the SHTF and revolution pops-off.

Don’t forget your bug-out-bag and consider running away from the 9-5 and joining the resistance circus.

— Nickless-Clyde Martin is a Christian Pastor and Free-Man-on-the-Land.

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