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Every morning I get up at around five thirty or six.

The water will come to a boil and I will let sit my morning coffee. After adding cream, maple syrup, I’ll open up my laptop and proceed to go over the daily wires. These are different sites I have logged, bookmarked, rss feeds, user-generated content websites… basically anything that will give me information. As a child of the Internet age I crave information, I need it to feel whole. I enjoy sifting through the choices of other people. I imagine them to be likewise tech-savvy consumers of the digital spectrum. They are informed, educated and indifferent, yet seemingly engaged. They are just like me. They know about media saturation, the media monopoly and the reality of two or three mega-corporate conglomerates that will one day control the distribution of all media. I take solace in the fact that their engaged and cognizant choice to upload content is supported by my own anonymous silence. In anonymity I find a ruse to the total control of information. I believe in the sincerity and moral fortitude of my peers and I trust that this consumer-generated content that I examine each morning is truthful, holistic, and human.

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