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Syria and the new mode of war.adbusters_108_clusterfuck_S

Syria is the face of the new mode of war – a complete disintegration of all values, all politics, all religion, all senses of humanity.

Children murdered for anti-government graffiti. Tanks and brigades marching door-to-door killing anything that moves. Funerals targeted for their high casualty ratios. Superpowers standing aside betting on the outcome like gamblers at a cockfight.

As the disorder spreads, former torture subcontractors of the West, like Syria’s Assad, will be carefully stage-managed. They will fall painfully and slowly, ensuring that everything around them is destroyed, including their secrets.

Movements like Al Qaeda will be made the enemies on one region of the globe and heroes in another, like the Al Qaeda-aligned Al-Nusra brigade who is leading the battle against the Syrian regime,the West’s new and uncomfortable partner in the Middle East.

Allegiances will handcuff the world military elite into rebranding terrorist organizations as freedom fighters and vice versa.

Neighborhood by neighborhood. Block by block. Old tensions will rise. new tensions will meld into a hyperlocality with no fixed position, logic or middle. There will be no black or white. No good or bad. No right or wrong. Violence will become so visceral that it will be banal. Acts of kindness will be greeted with kicks to the jaw and bayonets to the belly.

Gas. Nukes. Shells. Grenades. Knives. Piano wire. Bare hands. There will be no limit and nobody will be able to do a damn thing except watch, sigh, wish that it weren’t so and wait for it to come to their door.

Peace will be a delicacy. Pillage the wages of conflict. Any critique will be contradiction. Soon, no one on earth will have clean hands. Refugees will deserve to die according to some scheme or another. Only the spent shell casings and dried blood will know the truth. And even that will be buried and washed away.[cherry_banner image=”5543″ title=”Adbusters #108″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]Summer[/cherry_banner]