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A nuclear-free Middle East is the only sane solution.92netanyahu_splash

Israel’s secretive possession of dozens of nuclear weapons is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for occupants of the region. In recent events, the state has revealed an aggressive and irrational streak operating at the heart of its politics.

This Middle East nuclear double standard needs to end. It is unreasonable to condemn Iran’s overt nuclear ambitions on the one hand, while supporting Israel’s secretive possession of nukes on the other.

A nuclear-free Middle East is the only sane solution for the region. And it is the only way to stop the ongoing conflict from spiraling out of control.

Send an email to President Obama telling him that as part of his strategy for a nuclear-free world you want him to start with a nuclear-free Middle East.[cherry_banner image=”5174″ title=”Adbusters #92″ url=”″ template=”issue.tmpl”]Carnivalesque Rebellion [/cherry_banner]