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The decadence of the ruling Saudi Family is no secret. The House of Saud maintains an armada of princes and princesses, estimated to number around 15,000. These princes and princesses jet-set from Dubai to Tokyo, Montenegro to London, purchasing gold plated vehicles and the finest textiles. They close entire beaches, build themselves lavish hotels unmatched anywhere in the world, collect fine art and in general live a life so decadent, so extravagant, words cannot quite describe it. But underneath the veneer, the money, awaits a class of ideologues and puritanical dogmatists who are the muwahhid. The House of Saud maintains order by State-sponsoring the teachings of Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab. But one begins to wonder just how long this decadence can last? The growing gap between rich and poor, the way the ruling class shuns the teachings of al-Wahhab, in addition to the effects of a post-Arab Spring world is starting to kick in. How long will it be before we see Baghdadi appear triumphantly in Medina and retake the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, the symbolic home of the Prophet Muhammad?

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