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Hey Jammer,

POST WEST Adbusters #125 is about to start circulating around the world . . . get your copy here.

We’re full bore now on DARK AGE #126 . . . it’s about the betrayal and redemption of Generation Y, Corporate Crackdown, World Revolution and the great aesthetic toneshifts of our time.

In this age of demagoguery and refugees and impending planetary existential crisis, we’re trying to figure out what needs to happen. What revolutionary strategies may pull us out of the DARK AGE spiral we’re caught in? Can we outlaw secrecy, implement the Robin Hood Tax, kill off wayward corporations? Can we build an Internet-based people’s power bloc ( and start calling the shots from below? Can we come up with a new concept of what it means to be human?

Anything from you budding writers, photographers, artists, activists, creatives out there would be fantastic … not the usual whiny lefty bullshit please . . . send us something passionate and exciting, straight from your gut . . . we’ll put it on newsstands worldwide and pay you some bucks to boot … . . . talk to us … send to [email protected] or [email protected] before Tuesday, April 25.

– Eds & Arts