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From this unique place in human history, it’s time to decide what direction we will take


I have this intense longing for balance and harmony within my life and at the same time there’s this peculiar thirst for chaos and disorder and this is something I struggle to reconcile. What seems to be on one level two completely opposing states of being is on another level two complimentary sets of circumstances that serve to move forward this endeavor of evolution.

The predicament that we find ourselves in is absolutely unique, not only through the scope of human history but that of the history of this planet. Never before, on this planet, has a life form evolved to the point of such autonomy that we have the ability to either annihilate our entire species, and the rest of life with it, or take part in our evolution.

It is much later than we think and the time for excuses has come and gone. The responsibility lays on us as individuals to take control of our lives and insist on self-definition and the exploration of our humanity.

Joe Kirch

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