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Hey Culture Jammers,

If you feel like doing something on the 5th anniversary of OWS this Saturday, then here’s a suggestion . . why not adopt the ‘play jazz’ mood and go prowling … alone or with friends … be open to everything and anything. If you feel like engaging with an interesting stranger then go ahead and do it . . . if you see an ATM that you want to leave a message on then go ahead and do it . . . if you feel like turning a bank window into a work of art then go ahead and do it . . . and if you want to paint a blackspot on your forehead and shuffle around like a zombie then just go ahead and do it.

Beautiful, secret gestures have their own way of making history.

And when you get back home, if you want to support the Women’s Boat To Gaza or the #NoDAPL Resistance Camps or #BlackLivesMatter then just go ahead and do it.

We don’t have to occupy or march this Saturday . . . but imagine a few million lone wolves, each in their own sweet way prowling the cities of the world striking little blows for freedom… setting the scene for the next global big-bang moment that will surely come.