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If climate change negotiations fail, what is left besides revolution?


The only way to stop climate change now may be revolution.

The last round of UN climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru were a resounding failure. The negotiations started as an optimistic endeavor to finally set in motion a binding agreement to battle climate change. Two of the world’s super powers — the U.S. and China — exchanged pleasantries in the form of non-binding commitments to radical carbon reductions but the Lima talks deteriorated into a political stalemate between a developed world that doesn’t want to pay its debts and a developing one that is fighting for its right to survive.

A commitment was made to resolve the issues that collapsed in Lima once and for all this December in Paris, but world leaders have repeatedly let us down. If an agreement can’t be made at the upcoming U. N. Climate Conference we are staring into the face of a global environmental genocide from which there is no turning back. Our only shot at curbing climate change — our only shot at survival, may be revolution.

— Mike Hodder

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