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Hey Jammers,

Thanks to the deeply personal and provocative submissions you sent in last month, our New Structure of Feeling issue turned out to be quite the eco-psycho-politico-aesthetico mindbomb . . . it will hit newsstands worldwide next week.

Now we’ve started brainstorming on I want to live! . . . We ask: is it still possible to live an empowered, fulfilled life in this fucked up capitalist system?

This is the last issue in our six-part Year of Living Dangerously series and we need you to cap it off with your deepest musings on how to negotiate profound precarity, looming ecocidal scenarios and impending financial collapse.

The big Q is: Can we pull out of this dark-age spiral we’re in . . . can we hack into the heart of the capitalist algorithm and pull off a flurry of systemic transformations: Impose an adtax? Crack down on corporate criminals? Set in motion a paradigm shift in the science of economics? Ban secrecy and bring about a true-cost global marketplace in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth? Can we conjure up a new aesthetic . . . and in our everyday life, can we learn to play jazz?

Send us your thoughts on the end of capitalism, a year of living dangerously and your vision of what a day living free is like. Send anecdotes, gripes, jibes, rants, musings, manifestos, poetry, cartoons, illustrations, photographs – fresh new ways to think about the way we live, love, and feel our way towards a new kind of future.

Send to [email protected] or [email protected] before the end of Monday, October 17.

Hey, either way, we’ll surely bump into each other again in the coming Year of the Rooster!

for the wild,


** Thank you Bruno Latour and all the artists and authors who contributed to reset! MODERNITY!