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General Strike posters via Industrial Workers of the World

While standing on the bus on the way to work I see the vision of the streets, the men and women who get up everyday, get dressed and subsist in the capitalist machine.

They remain in twilight, disconnected, repeating the same job, the same clock in / clock out, the same daily wait for the end of the workday. Distraction, to a point, is an enemy. What will it take? I wonder. In Mexico, where I live, horrifying violence is linked to the corrupt, the faked natural order of the capitalist reigns. We live in a neo-liberal democracy that is now the norm. Journalists are tortured, they are raped, they are murdered. The police and the military are trained and armed by the US to encourage a disastrous war on drugs; a war known to those of us who are awake as a war on the poor, the disenfranchised minorities. These government agents, they shoot students who dare to stand against them. Our president is blatantly stupid and his deceit is visible from 100 miles away. He presides over the corpse of a system, designed to mask a fascist dictatorship that rules with an iron grip.

Scandal after scandal, the lifted veil, the voices of the damned, the mockery of elitism. As we head to work each day I stare at my fellow men and women and wonder, when will we rise? What further indignity and hypocrisy can we tolerate? What will disconnect us from the savage neo-liberal assault upon our freedom? What worth are our eyes but to see? Our ears to listen? Our voices with which to speak?

Those who rule, they do so by violence, oppression and constant threat.

Yet not all are sleeping. Not all of us complacent. Not all are afraid or tied down by those financial chains designed to constrain us. The ruling classes are running out of shells in which to hide and, much sooner than many of us realize, we will watch their system burn.

— Abraham D. Alexander

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