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Toneshift, issue No. #126, is out there . . . grab one . . . have a few epiphanies . . . get fired up!

In our upcoming issue, No. #127, we take a look at why global fascism is on the rise. Voters in Austria, France, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, even the U.S, are choosing to go hard right. Why?

Economic hardship, loss of trust in government, social humiliation, corruption, political blundering . . . the mood out there is ugly and if another financial meltdown hits us before November, then Donald J. Trump may well become the first fascist leaning President of the United States.

Over the last few years you’ve given us spontaneous, straight-from-the-gut anecdotes, insights and epiphanies – a flurry of surprisingly fresh new ways of looking at the world… So all you artists, writers, poets, photographers, illustrators, intellectuals out there, please do it again.

Keep it intimate, visceral, real.

Send to [email protected] or [email protected] by Monday June 27.

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• The Blackspot Collective