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Alt- Future

For the next few years us lefties are pretty well fucked… The scary historical moment we’re living through has pushed people towards the hard right… and they are strutting their stuff with a lot more panache than we are… they are having more fun! .. and not only that, we lefties are plodding along with a heavy burden of political correctness, infighting and hyper rationality… Fuck, we’ve morphed into a finger wagging logic freaks! .. for at least two generations now, there’s been something fundamentally wrong with us. But there is one thing that we can do that still makes a lot of sense and as the geopolitical pendulum swings, could put us back into the game. Four years from now the populist wave and the trump machine will have ground themselves to a halt.. and with global warming, financial greed and social inequality peaking, the world will be a much more dangerous place.. 2020 will be our chance. If we can figure out what our memes are learn how to use that most revolutionary tool ever invented in the palms of our hands… if we can tap into the rage of the five billion downtrodden of the Earth. If we can find the courage go for the jugular, then the rest if the century could be ours!

– KL